Teacher’s and Staff of Endeavour Elementary School, you are the backbone of our school and we appreciate you every day.  You are real life heroes on our books.  The Endeavour Elementary PTO is here to support you in any way that we can.

How can we help you and how can we improve?  We know you are busy, if you have a minute please fill out this short anonymous survey and put it in the PTO mail box in the office.

Endeavour Elementary PTO is now a 501(c)3 registered organization and therefore have to abide by more stringent record tracking policies.  We apologize for any extra paperwork this will entail for you but in order to maintain our non-profit charitable organization status we need to implements a few new forms for our record tracking needs. This change of status is a good thing, while it does create extra paperwork, it opens up more doors to the PTO for funding and grant opportunities which means good things for our school!


The Endeavour PTO allocates a portion of fundraising dollars to teacher/staff requests.  We are here to help bridge the gap between state funding and your needs for our students.

If you have a classroom need that is not covered by school budgets, please complete a Teacher/Staff request form, turn it in to the PTO, and we will vote on it at the next PTO meeting.   Printed forms can be found in the PTO mail box.


If you purchase an item that has been approved at a prior meeting or is already in the approved budget, please complete a reimbursement request form and submit it to us with your receipts. Printed forms are available in the PTO mail box.


As a 501(c)3 recognized organization, we have opened a door to sponsorship and grant opportunities that were not available to us in the past.  If you have programs, field trips, or other needs that you would like us to assist you in pursuing funding for, please contact us with program and budget information and we will help apply for grants where we can.

There are some grants and funding opportunities like Donors Choose can only be completed by teachers, but for other grants and funding options the PTO will happily assist where we can.