(missing from photo, Treasurer Jessica Erradi)

The PTO board is here for you and we welcome contact from all Endeavour Elementary teachers, staff members, and parents. Please use the list below to contact PTO Board members with comments, questions, and concerns.

President: Ricki Bridge –






Vice President: Brian Miyake –







Treasurer: Jessica Erradi –






Secretary: Susan Ternyey –






Fundraising Coordinator 1: Carrie Miyake –






Fundraising Coordinator 2: Janelle Tuominen –






Volunteer Coordinator: Corina Lucas –







We are always looking for volunteers, if you are able to help with one or more events, even for only an hour, please contact our volunteer coordinator at the above email or visit us on Konstella. 

Quote Be sure to visit and follow our Facebook page (turn notifications on to get all updates), this will be one of our top sources for PTO and Endeavour Elementary information.